Jackpotjoy Puts the Joy Back in the Casino

If there’s one major online casino out there that truly lives up to its name, then it has to be Jackpotjoy.

Jackpotjoy’s whole ethos is about having fun while you play casino games online and it’s perhaps that – more than any other single factor – that sets the site apart from the rest. Playing casino games online with many providers sometimes all feels a bit too serious, but if that’s what some gamblers want, then you can’t really argue with it. But there are lots of us out there who look to the casino games sites to provide us with equal measures of fun as well as the possibility of winning great cash prizes. It’s here where sites like Jackpotjoy really excel.

The Jackpotjoy brand is better known in the UK for its online Bingo and slots games provision, but one of the fastest growing areas of the site is now the casino. Like the Bingo and slots areas of the site, the casino is “introduced” by the “Queen of Bingo” herself; UK comedy film and soap-star actress, Barbara Windsor. There are the usual roulette, poker, blackjack and other traditional casino games to choose from, but there are also lot of other games that make it a little more fun. What’s more, the traditional online casino games all have an added twist, or extra layer. In other words, there’s always something to make Jackpotjoy’s casino games stand out from the crowd as that’s the brand’s hallmark.

Take, for example, Jackpotjoy’s take on the TV classic, “Play Your Cards Right” game. This is a fun casino game to play where players can win cash through guessing whether the next card will be higher or lower than the previous card dealt. This is an interesting game in its own right – particularly for those of us who like to consider the probabilities involved and place our bets accordingly. But Jackpotjoy makes it even better and more enjoyable by offering individual odds for each additional card drawn. Also, you may opt to swap your card if and when you get to the end of a row, getting a nice bonus into the bargain.

This is just one of the 20-plus card games on offer in Jackpotjoy’s online casino with an added twist of some sort or other to make the game more interesting for those of us in search of a little more fun in our choice of online games. Life is serious enough without making something we do ostensibly for fun boring as well!